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When does “Go for it” mean “abhor”?

What’s so funny is that this video is a commercial and the wife, who has just signed up for a credit card, is encouraging her husband to buy what he really wants—“teen drivers” rather than just a “fight role.” (Always a tough choice.)
“Go for it!” she tells him, and the captioning software interprets her encouraging remark as “abhor.”
So what were those “teen drivers”? A 19-drawer tool chest, of course. (I’ll let you figure out the “fight role.”)
I made this amazing discovery about YouTube captions when researching a Christian publishing house. I turned on the captions for one of their videos and found that “Hold your breath” was “hold yet japanese.” Checking out some other videos, I found “check sentence” for “church service” and “awkward” for “clockwork.”
Savvy video makers have either provided their own captions or left the feature off.
Thankfully, my book designer/videographer/go-to-guy had this problem solved before I knew it existed.

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