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Creativity, Literacy and an Extreme Cold Warning from Environment Canada


By describing with words and also illustrating Bunny’s book-making process, the author gives readers a detailed how-to. They can see what materials Bunny uses, hear the story he makes up, and then imitate his process. Bunny smiles as he works, displays great “pride of authorship,” and delights at the reaction of his parents.

This is an excellent story for little ones! Not only does it emphasize the beauty of reading, but also the importance of using your imagination. Beautiful illustrations and delightful rhymes!

The author uses Little Bunny to show children how to deal with a disappointing situation by doing something to change it.

The themes of creativity and literacy are those I definitely want to promote to my children. I like the extra learning opportunities sprinkled in, such as teaching the days of the week and rhyming words, without the children even knowing they’re learning.

It’s been a fun ride, and the train’s just leaving the station. I’m happy with the illustrations, grateful for the reviews that are coming in, and looking forward to taking the little guy to more schools and stores.

One thing’s for sure–this is the first book I’ve used rhyme to sell. After placing it at our local Christian bookstore, I wrote this to a man I’d met at a market:

This little rabbit calls you “friend”—

you listened to his book.

And now it’s at the Shepherd’s Fold,

where you can take a look.

Our little friend is hopping into the hearts of librarians, teachers and parents even as he charms children. Readings in honor of Family Literacy Day have provided both promo opportunities and sales.

Now comes what has been the harder part for me–online sales. I’ve been pleased with the modest sales of Marie and Mr. Bee since it went up on Ingram Spark–especially since I’ve done no direct promo re that venue. We’ll see if Little Bunny fares well there, and if the reviews on Amazon lead to more sales there and on CreateSpace.

I’m optimistic about this little rabbit, with his enthusiasm for books and creative approach to problem-solving. Hopefully he will connect with many others wishing to promote these traits in their children, students and young library patrons.

And with an “Extreme Cold Warning” from Environment Canada today (they’re calling for a wind chill close to minus 40 tonight here in Northern Alberta), how very pleasant to read a story about an animal we associate with spring!


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