Hi! And welcome! After having a lot of fun teaching English as a Second Language for years, and also writing and editing non-fiction, I’ve started something new that I also find exciting–and very different.

I have my grandchildren, Tommy and Tina, to thank for the inspiration to write for children. These two kids are so creative and interesting (not to mention endearing)–and they’re also quite different from each other. Maybe you’ll pick up on that in Scissortown. The story is pure fantasy, but Tommy’s and Tina’s real personalities shine through. Two different inside back covers containing either a Faith-Based or a Life Application encourage children to show kindness and take the initiative in the follow-up to this engaging tale.

Scissortown is available in paperback and as an enhanced e-book with audio narration and word-by-word highlighting. The highlighting can be helpful to children who are learning to read. Please visit Grandma’s Bookshelf to find out more.

For true stories about Tommy and Tina, as well as the exciting additions to their families, please visit Grandma’s Treasures.

For low-cost and no-cost ways to promote language learning in children pre-birth to four years old, download the free e-book How to Prepare Your Young Child for Success in School at Smashwords.



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  1. Margaret, thank you for visiting my blog and “liking” my current post on creative nonfiction. I enjoyed finding your blog on children’s writing and especially your enjoyment of reading to children as well as meeting the inspiration for your children’s books.

    • Yes, I find that there’s no substitute, at least for me, to reading to a group of kids. And at this after school care there’s a teacher listening as well, and her reactions give me further feedback.

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