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A Special Book for a Special Season

At seven years old, Tina is a highly tactile little girl who loves animals and bright colors. How she’s enjoying her La Nuit de Noël experience! She’s just learning to read French, so we practice a little each time I see her. And each time we sit down to practice a few pages, she enjoys the glittering gold and varied textures. A fuzzy blanket keeps the newborn Baby warm, and the sheep’s soft wool contrasts with the cow’s rough coat. The tiny lambs don’t have the extra texture, but they’re so cute!

The Wise Men, dressed in purple, orange and green, differ not only in vibrant color but also in the texture of their capes. One even has a crinkly red turban. Which brings me to the stars, from the golden setting sun to the Christmas Star itself, all gleaming. And who would have thought to add texture to the coconuts on the palm tree by the side of the road to Bethlehem?

This book is a wonder, and so is Tina’s response to it. As a board book, it’s no doubt designed for very young francophone children. But it also serves for older children learning to read French, making their experience much more memorable with tactile and visual elements that enhance the story immeasurably.

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