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Peek-a-Boo Round the Pillar and an Airport Book Sale

The little one-year-old on Dad’s shoulders shrieked with delight as Mom disappeared and reappeared around a pillar in the airport.

When the dust had settled, I offered Mom a little “coupon” that I give out to parents and caregivers of little ones:

Free E-book
How to Prepare Your Young Child for Success in School

A grade two teacher as well as a parent, she was interested in the content of the book: stimulating language development in children pre-birth to four years old.

I asked if she’d like to see Scissortown, and found that she, like many others, was happy to support an author directly as well as to buy a bright, colorful storybook for her little one. This simple scenario represents my absolute best way to make sales—one on one to parents and grandparents of little ones.

Second best are local venues like art shows and farmers’ markets, followed by sales in local stores. (Shipping charges make stores out of our area reluctant to carry the book.)

Internet sales are not going well, but I’m hopeful that will change with the enhanced e-book and a video.

So—when I started this blog I said I’d tell you what works and what doesn’t, and here you have it: for the paperback, direct, one on one sales, often preceded by a gift, work the very best. And—they’re so rewarding and so much fun!

When the enhanced e-book is up, I’ll tell you how that goes. My experience will be different from that of many indie authors because I fear the giant, and do not want to deal with Amazon. Said giant can most certainly thrive without me—and I hope to do well without it!

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