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Little Bunny’s Own Storybook

These are exciting times! Tommy, Tina and Katie Kat of Scissortown, and Marie and Mr. Bee will soon be joined by Little Bunny. I’m working with an inventor(!) who has found an artist online that I think has done this rabbit family justice. Like Coralie’s characters in the first two books, Nataly’s work also conveys the gentle spirit of the story. (The text will, of course, be in the white space.)


With lettuce for their salads and snacks,

and carrots for the next day’s pot,

the three continued down the path

to Little Bunny’s favorite spot:



But alas, storm clouds are churning on the horizon. This idyllic scene is not to last–for what is a story without conflict? Indeed, how can Little Bunny aspire to join Ulysses, Robin Hood, and Nancy Drew in the Heroes Hall of Fame without a worthy villain?

But the antagonist is not one you’d expect! For Little Bunny has no Trojan War to fight, no rich to rob nor Sheriff of Nottingham to evade, and no evil genius to bring to justice.

Indeed, Little Bunny faces a stealth adversary . . . .


For who but a librarian, whether human or rabbit, could deliver such a soul-crushing blow to our little hero?


Will our voracious reader munch on limp lettuce and decimated dreams until that wretched inventory is done? Or, like the fire that hardens iron, will this catastrophic event spur him to initiative and creativity? Will he slog through the slough of despair and emerge triumphant, ears erect and eyes gleaming with victory?

Watch this space.

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Princess to the Rescue


The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry (Robbie Burns)

Driving into town, I consider my plan. I’m going to read the grade two to fours a funny story, then complain that there’s something missing from my new website–their stories. I’ll tell them I’ll be back next week with another story, and will give them flyers telling them how to submit their stories for my site.

Hmm. The book isn’t where I thought it was. Oh yes, now I know. It’s at home waiting by my office door.

With no time to go back, I decide to present The Lady or the Tiger?, with abject apologies to Frank Stockton.

“A long time ago in a land far, far away, there lived a king and queen [I choose two royal volunteers to stand sedately] and their beautiful daughter, Continue reading

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All 737 Are Hers


In light of Tina’s sometime aversion to putting pencil to paper (unless she’s drawing), I choose my words carefully. Would she like to enter a story contest? The librarian says I can type it if all the ideas are hers.

Absolutely! She shows me two that are already underway. The one about a dog has some writing, courtesy of the neighbour girl who served as a scribe, and the one about a cat has some exciting illustrations. Tina’s proud of her surprise picture, and I think I see the influence of some of the excellent picture books she’s enjoyed.

Armed with supper and fuelled with enthusiasm, she talks while I type. Only infrequently does she ask me what I think happens next, to which I answer, “I don’t know.”

Not a problem. The story starts out as an archetypal “Animal Finds a Home” story, with strong elements of “The Ugly Duckling.” Add an ocean cruise, intense dialogue and splashes of humour–and Tina has her very own 737-word story.

Which brings me to remember once again that we’re all individuals. There’s a place, and it’s a prominent one, for doing what we’re told in school and completing assigned homework. But there’s also a place to put creativity on cruise sans control and let imagination run free.

I’m glad I get to be there for that part.

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