This is what happens . . .

when a writer drives home on April 17, grateful she’s wearing her winter parka and snow boots, sees truckers chaining up, and calls her husband from the entrance to the driveway to navigate the vehicle through the snow.

Snow is high and snow is low.

It’s hard to drive and hard to go.

Sun is bright and sun is warm.

When will it do that snow some harm?

Trees are bare but ground is not.

Hopes for camping are all shot.

Spring is here, or so they say.

I know it’s true though sky is gray.

Birds will sing and grass be green.

Blooms and bright leaves will be seen.

So now I wait here in the snow,

for spring will come View from our acreageand cold will go.

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2 thoughts on “This is what happens . . .

  1. So sorry you are still waiting for new growth and green fields to appear, Margaret. We are now cutting our lawn, enjoying daffodils and feeling the warmth of the sun. It has been ideal Easter weather this year. I pray you have that warm spring sun soon. Happy Eastertime.

  2. I’m not sorry! Our Creator knows what He’s doing! I’m glad you’re enjoying the green and yellow, and ours is yet to come!

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