A Multitude of Counsellors and a Warm-Blooded Hero

“Without counsel purposes are disappointed: but in the multitude of counsellors they are established.” Proverbs 15:22
What a blessing to get feedback! I sent the cover of Marie and Mr. Drone to someone I’d met at a writers’ conference.

2015-09-12 Cover

While acknowledging that it was pretty, he was concerned about the title, saying that “drone” (not the male bee, but the machine) had a “negative vibe” with Americans. I asked several friends online, and all but one agreed that “Mr. Bee” was much better than “Mr. Drone.” Only our beekeeper friend liked “Mr. Drone,” and even HER KIDS thought the story was about a girl and a machine!

Here’s the new working cover, with Marie’s little friend clearly defined:

2015-10-26 Cover Working Copy

But my kind online friend also said, “. . . we do not get a sense of the story arc or plot from the cover.”

I did a quick check of some of the fiction and non-fiction books for adults and children we had at home. Some, indeed, give us a piece of the action, while others just show the character(s).

As I skim through the story, I note that the most dramatic scene is that of Marie wheeling back to her cabin while Mr. Bee huddles under some leaves(?) on her lap, with the worker bees buzzing around angrily. However, the sight of bees swarming around a little girl in a wheelchair–without the benefit of the context and our understanding that none of the creatures would ever harm Marie–won’t do for a cover!

Our plan is to consider the artwork as Coralie progresses through the story, keeping an eye out for some action that might work well for the cover. Then social media friends will be invited to weigh in again, this time on an action vs. a characters-only cover.

What a blessing to work with an artist, a web designer and a layout person who are all ready to make changes and try different things!


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2 thoughts on “A Multitude of Counsellors and a Warm-Blooded Hero

  1. This is so interesting. Critiques are always helpful. thanks for sharing.I recently saw that one of my interiror illustrations by my friend marilyn mclean would be the best cover so I used it for TRUE FRIENDS- two geese who always went everywhere together at the Bird Sanctuary.

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