Using Questions to Create Buzz about Your Book–Want to Weigh In?

What happens when a not-so-busy bee flies through an open door and convinces a young girl to neglect her work? Written for children from four to eight years old, Marie and Mr. Drone is a tender story of compassion, forgiveness and true friendship.

Marie loves her little cabin in the woods. Every day she works and plays with her forest friends until . . . .

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These are exciting times! My granddaughter Tina is to choose an outfit and a hairstyle for the hero of our next book, Marie and Mr. Drone. The artist, Coralie Rycroft,  has come up with three outfits and three hairstyles (Tina can mix and match as she wishes). Which shirt do you prefer? Which hairstyle?

2015-08-06 Marie 1    2015-08-06 Marie 2    2015-08-06 Marie 3

I’m getting a good response to these questions on social media. This is particularly interesting given that, unlike the choice I invited people to make re the cover of Scissortown (you can see the winner here), Tina is making the decision.

It seems people just like to give their opinions, and I’m getting some interesting insights. Those with more hair than I have :), for example, caution against a little forest dweller with free flowing long hair (Ouch!). The braids are getting the most thumbs-up. Some see the turquoise shirt as being the most “country,” and a scant few prefer the deep purple.

So why am I letting Tina make the decision?

First of all, the book is really about her. Marie is modeled on Tina.

Second, Tina and her cousin Tommy helped launch my book writing career with their requests that I make up a story.

Third, I suspect that Tina’s tastes may be similar to those of other girls her age.

Fourth, the choices she makes will be the right ones. Coralie has chosen all the colors of Tina’s shirts (as well as the wheel guard) with an eye to the fall season when the story takes place. Fall is Coralie’s favorite season, and she’ll enjoy using its vibrant colors as a backdrop to the action. As for the hairstyles, they’re all cute.

Two questions for you:

If this were your book, which shirt and hairstyle would you choose?

Are there ways you can solicit opinions to create buzz about your next book?

And, please let me know in a comment below if you’d like to be notified when Marie and Mr. Drone is available.

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2 thoughts on “Using Questions to Create Buzz about Your Book–Want to Weigh In?

  1. What a great idea. I shall try it with my next book if that’s okay with you. As a writer I think we need to be open to new approaches. I have asked for ideas for a local book and only got one so I shall try again.

    • I was very pleased with the comments I received about the cover.
      I’ve been advised to portray action on the cover, so Coralie and I plan to present two covers–one with the two main characters in action, and a more static one showing all the characters. Again, we’ll see what social media has to say!

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