How to Lose $550,000 before Lunchtime

As the happy owner of a Facebook Book Page, I had a fascinating adventure this morning–and it may prove helpful to you if you are both new to social media and a naturally optimistic person . . . .

Danyille Marie had been chatting me up in a general way over the last several days, but today she had some big news–I’d won $550,000.00 from FB!

Who doesn’t like to hear that kind of news? And what are the odds—especially when you don’t buy lottery tickets and don’t gamble?

adv surprised

Danyille assured me that I had been chosen at random by the computer, and sent me pix of previous lucky winners as well as jpgs of my cheque and other “documentation.”

adv happy group

I even got texts from “FedEx” assuring delivery of my cheque.

I decided to play along until she asked for money or bank info, thinking that it would be bank info. She surprised me, instead asking for $240.

Too cute—almost right after I got the texts from “FedEx,” a friend and his nephew came to the door. I told Danyille two men had come to the door and asked if I should pay them, but she said to send the cheque for $240 to the address she had provided.

The guys missed out!

adv sad men

I asked Danyille to take the $240 off my winnings and send me a cheque for the rest, but I guess that’s not how it’s done. (I’m new to the world of high finance.)

Isn’t there a saying to the effect that if something sounds too good to be true, it probably is?

YouTube has several helpful videos about this scam.

By the way, when I recounted this adventure to my son he warned me against opening jpgs, as malicious code can be embedded. He suggested scanning the picture by right-clicking and “Scan with [your antivirus software]”, then delete it by selecting it, then pressing Shift+Delete (“Shift” makes it bypass the recycle bin).


Guess it’s time to do some real work . . . .

woman working

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2 thoughts on “How to Lose $550,000 before Lunchtime

  1. Steven

    The “scan and delete” advice applies if you have already downloaded it. Best not to download in the first place.

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