Cooked Carrots and Hair in a Shopping Cart: Should the Good Guys Always Win?

I didn’t like cooked carrots when I was a child. REALLY didn’t like them. But Phyllis, my mother’s friend, told me carrots would make my hair curly, and I ate them because it would be worth it.

I’m still waiting, Phyllis.

straight hair

Now Jeanette reports that her 3 1/2-year-old niece wants to grow her hair long like Tina’s in Scissortown so she can carry it in a basket.

When I read or tell the story to very young children and ask them if their daddies pull up trees like this, the answer is always yes.

31 Pull Up Trees

Ditto when I ask very little boys if they take a ruler to the barbershop.

In light of the fact that, in the minds of little ones, Goldilocks really did eat Baby Bear’s porridge AND break his chair . . .

as writers of children’s books, should we always make sure that the winner comes out on top by making good choices?

kindness rabbit

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6 thoughts on “Cooked Carrots and Hair in a Shopping Cart: Should the Good Guys Always Win?

  1. M.K. Aneal

    Oh, wow… This was touching… And really made me think… I am not an author, as of yet, but it has always been a dream to publish, and it would be an even better dream to publish a child’s story!! 😀
    And this, is something I have wondered… I am not sure of my opinion… For, I love stories that end with a happy ending, and the good guy doing a victory chant… But, with saying that, some books that have had the biggest, and most lasting, impact on me were the ones that reflected life how it is…
    But, still, kids are in a more vulnerable state, seeing they haven’t had as many occurrences as adults have… Something to ponder… Maybe, we should have books with both… But, warn the caregivers that this story relates to life, sometimes when the bad guy has the victory chant…
    What do you think? 😀

    • An interesting question. Personally, I’m willing to allow the bad guy any number of victory chants as long as it’s understood that he’s the loser in the end. Because that’s the way life really is! God has the final say.

      • M.K. Aneal

        Right on, totally agreed!! Amen, it sure is 😀 *handclaps*

  2. M.K. Aneal

    And, PS… Straight hair is more awesome anyhow ;P

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