The King of Little Things

King Little Things    “What a cute story! I actually thought the ending was very funny.” (Tommy, 8)

Ah, those best laid plans again. My website’s not quite ready (the designer is in the midst of a move), so I can’t ask the children to send me their stories yet. I decide to present, with help from the grade two to fours, Bill Lepp’s The King of Little Things.

“Everyone knows that little things exist only to serve big things.” It’s an intriguing proposition, one that is not shared by the children. In fact, they have just heard (and acted out) His Minuscule Majesty’s small pleasures: enthroned beside his loving queen, the King of Little Things feeds the birds, sprinkles crumbs for the ants, and plants flowers for the bees.

King Normous is happy, too, secure in the knowledge that he has conquered every king, queen, czar, empress, chieftain, rajah and sultan in the world until . . .

a trembling steward shows the Large Liege a map. Ensconced among the territories labelled Mine, Mine, Mine and Also Mine lies His Minuscule Majesty’s peaceful kingdom.

The malevolent monarch amasses his armies.

With the enemy’s bows and arrows, cannons and catapults at the ready, what hope has the little king and his tiny subjects?

Much hope, in fact–for the  terrible tyrant has failed to factor in the allegiance the little things in his own kingdom have to the minuscule monarch.

With its hero and villain, army, and tiny servants, this story provides for an unlimited number of enthusiastic actors. Thank you, Bill Lepp. And thank you, David Wenzel, for your funny and colorful illustrations.

Storyteller’s Note: I changed the ending just a little. Rather than King Normous living unhappily ever after, I had him live unhappily for a long, long time after–but not forever.

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2 thoughts on “The King of Little Things

  1. Tell Tommy I loved the changed ending too.

  2. Thank you. I believe stories for children should either have a happy ending, or end with the possibility of a happy ending.

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