A One-of-a-Kind Book for Tommy’s New Sister

The Reason: Little May has been in foster care since she was a baby. She’s almost two years old now, and our daughter, Lisa, and her husband, George, are waiting expectantly for the adoption to be finalized.

The Vision: I want to make a book that will help to anchor May to her new home and family, as well as help her big brother, Tommy, with his project. A book lover himself, eight-year-old Tommy wants to teach May to read!

I see an alphabet book, loosely structured, and using phrases and sentences. For example:

A a
May has an alligator book.

C c
The cat lives downstairs with Emma.
The new baby has a cradle.

R r
Tommy is reading May a story.

I would use a plain font, and there would be photos to go with each sentence.

Here’s where I’m asking for your help. There’s a County photo contest which I plan to enter. All contestants get some free prints at a local photo shop. Having entered what I feel is a fair effort, I want to take the free print voucher to the photo shop and get the pictures for May’s book printed there.

My themes for the contest are winter, beauty and gratitude.

Could you let me know if you think any of #1, 2, 3, 4 or 5 might be of interest to the judges?

Please vote for one or more photos, or if none appeal, #6 (keep trying!).

Bright Day 1

#1 Winter sunshine and shadow

footprints past

#2 Footprints from the past?

stories door 2

#3 What stories lie beyond the door?

warm and bright cold night

#4 Warm and bright on a cold dark night

Protected and cared for in the cold

#5 Protected and cared for in the cold

Thank you for your help!

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21 thoughts on “A One-of-a-Kind Book for Tommy’s New Sister

  1. Coralie

    I like them all! But if I had to choose I would go with #1 and #3.

    • Thanks, Coralie. I’m glad you like them all. This is really interesting. I’m not only keeping track of the replies, but which g+ community (or wherever) they came from. Yours is under “artist”!

  2. I really appreciate the nature of the book about Tommy’s New sister “May” .
    This is because the book is not limited to age as I have gone through the synopsis and clearly understood that it is a story in itself that also tackles the alphabet which is also a crucial issue in a childsdevelopment in the early stages , in this sence it could be read to children who are three and are in th Kindergaten as well as be read by those in the elementary school to enhance their creativuty in writing as well as the use of rhyme scheme in writing too.

    The book can and may be used by teachers to help the children get the alphabet in a very creative and memorable manner.
    The language prijection is superb and fully recomended for children and their teachers as well as their gurdians

  3. Loren E. Van Tassel

    I like #3 and the title “What stories lie beyond the door?” suggests infinite possible stories to be born. With your creative story-writing, I’m sure that the book you intend to write will intrigue Tommy as he helps May learn to read. I have often wondered, myself, about the stories that happened beyond the door of that historic cabin, as I’ve noticed it many times.

    • Thank you for your vote! It was such a beautiful day when I took the cabin pix, too. Interestingly, when I was taking the pix, a man stopped his truck on the road and asked, “Did you go to school there?”

  4. Teresa

    #3 (perhaps without the shadow of the photographer? 🙂
    Would it also work to create more alliteration with your sentences so the sound you are emphasizing is more obvious? Just a thought! I LOVE what you are doing for little May. It will be a treasure for her whole family!

    • Yes, I noticed the shadow too. Perhaps I’ll have another chance . . . I liked the bright sunshine, but not the shadow. And I like the idea of alliteration in the sentences. Thank you.

  5. Margaret – my fave is #3 but it needs cropping – especially to get rid of the photographer’s shadow on the snow.

  6. Hana .P .B

    Hi Margret,
    I like them all but finally came up with 1, 3 and four out of those 1is beautiful but then I saw 2 and 3 I like both of those so I think I’d choose one of the two.
    And It’s a really nice book with a great purpose. Good luck with it.

    • Thank you, Hana. I’m really enjoying tallying these responses. We’re allowed to send in three pix.
      I’m looking forward to starting on May’s book when she comes.

  7. Joan

    Hi Margaret,

    The storyline is lovely. I completely agree with the comments regarding alliteration.

    As for the pics, I like #3 and #4 the best because they have more ‘story’ possibilities than the others do, and I think that the best pictures tell a story.

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  9. I love the ideas #3 sparks!! 🙂

  10. Igor

    I think #1, #3 and the titles“What stories lie beyond the door?” will be beautiful. I am sure that each who will read this story with anticipation to know next actions. I suppose that you will write about new adventures of May.

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