Goodwill Abounds

People are so kind to this new children’s book writer. Case in point: the Museum Gift Shop manager.

I left a copy of the Life Application version of Scissortown (please see for the difference between the versions) for her consideration.

She called and ordered four more of the Life Application and five of the Faith-Based. When I delivered them this morning, Netta was at a table outside the Gift Shop with a book stand. We placed my “Debut Picture Book by Peace Country Author and Peace Country Artist” poster at the back of the stand and put five copies of each version in the stand.

Would I like orange, pink or purple felt buttons to indicate the version? I chose orange, having just read about orange sales buttons.

It started to sprinkle, so we took the items into the Gift Shop. Netta’s an artsy craftsy person, and shared her happy ideas about how she’s going to arrange things.

She’d been so kind in providing a stand and allowing me to put it near the entrance, I hesitated to ask–but might there be a place for my business cards? How about on the table beside the stand?

Not so. Netta opened a cupboard and produced a business card stand for me.

And this afternoon, I got a call. Scissortown‘s first Gift Shop customer had met Tommy, Tina and Katie Kat.

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