What of The Three Hungry Sisters?

Poor Lisa! She doesn’t mean to be impolite as she moves to the other end of the table, but she’s heard the story so many times, and Tommy’s asked for it AGAIN. Yes, The Three Hungry Sisters rates third in over-and-over-again stories for Tommy and Tina.

The hands-down winner is a true, but embellished, story of the fire at Great-grandma’s nursing home. Nothing beats that. When Tina was little we acted out the story with fireman puzzle pieces. She and Tommy still thrill at the account of the neighbours pouring out of their homes in the middle of a cold night to rescue the residents.

Arson in the Nursing Home

Spot number two goes to Black Sheep, White Sheep, made up to address a problem that appears to be solved now. I love the way that story evolved as Tommy and Tina took ownership of it.

Black Sheep, White Sheep

The third prize goes to The Three Hungry Sisters, a highly moralistic tale–so much so that adults find it tedious. But . . . it’s a winner with Tommy and Tina.

And just yesterday, while Tina’s mom was helping me add some pizazz to the Scissortown dialogue, she remembered the ill-fated sisters. Maria knows the story needs work, but she likes the lesson and believes the story has potential.

This tale isn’t politically correct. It’s trendy now to have the moral understated; children are smart, we’re told, and they will infer it. But the sisters in this story club you over the head with the moral and drag you off to the Cave of Responsible Behaviour.

And that gets me thinking.

Could I market it as a politically incorrect morality tale, or an Aesop-style story?

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