Another Piece to the Puzzle?

A trip to Value Village a couple of years ago may have provided another clue as to why certain books work so well, at least for Tommy and Tina.

Be Patient, Little Chick by Claude Clement has been a consistent favorite.

When Tommy was younger, he loved acting out the story again and again. As the “spunky chick,” newly hatched and still wearing part of his shell, he demanded to know the locations of the garden and the great woods. His mother suggested taking things slowly, but he objected, “I already know everything I need to know.”

But a little chick can’t really eat dog bones, fly high, swim like a duck . . . and is more than a little unwise to confront the biggest rooster.

Tommy really enjoyed role playing that part of the story, but he got nervous when I was the big rooster, and very quickly had me revert to being Mother Hen.

Now that they’re six and seven. Tommy and Tina wonder how the little chick knew enough to ask about the garden and the great woods when he was newly hatched. But they still like the story.

I think I may have found a piece of the puzzle, at least for Tommy and Tina–they like stories that inspire them to role play. Now, why do they see some stories as screenplays and not others?

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2 thoughts on “Another Piece to the Puzzle?

  1. Coralie

    Interesting! My favorite book when I was little was “Little Majorette” by Dorothy Grider. I had my mom read it to me so many times she nearly lost her mind. I wanted to be a majorette, had a baton, marched around the house. But I can’t say really why that book in particular was “the one”. I had lots of other books. I have a copy of it, I will bring it next time we meet.

    • Thank you. It’s just so interesting. Sometimes we have an idea why certain books or items appeal to us, other times we’re not sure. Our oldest daughter still treasures a book of fairytales she had as a child.

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