The Searchland Chronicles: Part Two

Morning, Sept. 23: I Googled She Does Not Fear the Snow by Bobbie Cole. My Wattpad review is back on page one :), followed by my Booksie review and the other person’s Goodreads review.

I’ve just joined and posted a new review of Bobbie’s book. I’ll let you know if it gets approved and how long that takes, and where it shows up in the search.

Morning, Sept. 24 Google yields the same results as yesterday for She Does Not Fear the Snow.

On a whim, I decided to Google my name. The results are quite different from last month’s, when I got a few mentions on page one and two, as did another person with a similar name.

Here’s the current order on page one:

1. my google+ page (nice work, Google!)

2. five images, including one of a friend I share a wordpress blog account with (I’d known about that and had changed the picture); another of Perry Stone of; and one of me when I was an English as a Second Language instructor.

3. my Smashwords biography page

4. my Ezinearticles biography page

5. the Booksie review of Bobbie’s book

6. a possible Twitter account, perhaps belonging to another person with the same name

7. my YouTube page, with my comment about Bobbie’s video at the top

8. my Goodreads page with the two reviews I’ve written

9. a possible LinkedIn account, perhaps belonging to another person with the same name

10. my Wattpad author page

11. people with similar names on

Page two has a few interesting things, including two links to Biblestudyspace, some career info at, a comment on, and Madi Predda’s reblogging of a post at

Please forgive me if this has seemed egotistical–it’s not meant to be! I offer it as a summary of results I’ve obtained within the last month or so by being relatively active on google+, writing book reviews, uploading a free e-book on Smashwords, blogging, and working with Madi Predda.

Perhaps some of these will work for another author who’s working in low- or no-budget conditions.

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