Adventures in Platform Building: Another Win-Win

Reviewing Bobbie Cole’s book, She Does Not Fear the Snow, has helped me to develop another strategy for enhancing my online profile.

I am, of course, promoting her book because I feel that it’s a beautiful true story, well worth reading. However, wherever I post a review, I also post a profile for myself with a link to my website and one or both blogs.

I first posted my review on Goodreads, and then posted a different one on Booksie.

Sunday: To my surprise, Google placed the Booksie review above the Goodreads one on the first page.

I then posted the Goodreads review on Wattpad.

Monday: I just Googled her book again, and my reviews were in this order: Wattpad, Booksie and Goodreads.

An experiment: I’m going to post a review on another site, then see what happens. Watch this space!

Tuesday: I’ve just posted a link to the Goodreads review on Bible study space (please scroll down in that site).
Now I’ll Google Bobbie’s book again . . . .

My reviews are in the same order: Wattpad, Booksie and Goodreads. Biblestudyspace does not appear. I’ll check again later. It may have something to do with the fact that Biblestudyspace appears to be a relatively new site. I have read that Google favors sites that have been around for awhile.

Yahoo has my Goodreads review first and my Booksie one farther down the page. The other two are not to be found on the first four pages.

Bing lists my Goodreads review on page one, Booksie on page two, and that’s it for the first four pages.

Wednesday’s Adventures in Searchland:

1. was nothing short of fascinating. I did four searches in a very short period of time. Two turned up my Booksie review followed by someone else’s Goodreads review. The other two turned up Booksie followed by my Goodreads review!

2. On, page one had my Booksie review followed by the “other” person’s Goodreads review.

3. On, page one had my Goodreads review before my Booksie review.

4. had my Goodreads review on page one and my Booksie review on page two.

Please note that I’m simply noting the order of the reviews, not what comes before, after, or between them.

That’s it for now, folks, but I do have another review written, quite different from the last two. Will the next site appear in my search? If so, how long will it stay on page one or two?

Stay tuned!

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