Not the Royal Baby, But . . .

How cute is this?

Weebly sent me a message congratulating me on my new website:

“ . . . born at 8:50pm UTC on Wednesday, July 17, 2013. It weighs a healthy 2 pages and 16 elements. You must be very proud! We’re happy and excited for you.”

A review at promised “no learning curve,” and Weebly said I could build a site in the time it would take to make a pancake breakfast.

That would be a very special breakfast.

I worked at the site over several days, making phone calls to my son, Steven, and e-mailing the ever prompt, helpful and cheery Weebly support people. In fact, their last missile suggested ever so gently that I read and follow the directions. They even provided a link to the subject page—and it worked! I now have a website that I’m very happy with. Best of all, it’s online. (That’s where the read and follow the directions part came in.) And it’s free, except that I paid for the domain name and hosting.

So please—come for a visit! See how Steven laid out the pages, and read a couple of testimonials. I’m really pleased with them.

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2 thoughts on “Not the Royal Baby, But . . .

  1. Jayne Middleton

    Hey there Margaret, Thanks for the mention of the Grande Prairie Farmers’ Market on your blog. I’m gald you had a pleasant experience, we thoroughly enjoyed having you. You rounded the day out nicely. I really hope your books will be ready before November so we can have you back again for the Christmas Show. Take care, Jayne.

  2. Thanks, Jayne. I’m looking forward to the Christmas Show–hope we make it!

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