Really? A Book for 47-year-olds?

Ah, yes, the Farmers’ Market . . .

Let me begin at the beginning, with a lovely e-mail from the manager inviting me to rent a table on July 6. Which I did, along with my husband, who was promoting his dried foods business, and our daughter, who sells fragrances and candles.

Things started out rather slowly, with the bulk of the traffic going to food (go figure!) and craft tables. I thought of starting this post with a quote from Thomas Edison:
I have not failed. I’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.

Instead, I started going around to other people’s tables. I chatted with them about their offerings, and if they indicated they had little ones in their lives, gave them a business card and sometimes showed them the little book dummy. (Just the first few pages and a couple of color pictures.)

That went well—I even got some free food from an ESL student who had been in our program way back when.

Various luminaries visited our table. The World’s Cutest Baby Girl and her entourage, for example. Said entourage not only signed up for Scissortown info, but also for my free e-book on early learning.
Shameless e-book plugs:
#1 (get attention with a question)—How much TV does the American Academy of Pediatrics recommend for the under-two set?
#2 I hope to have the e-book online soon. Watch this space.

And there was Nicole, a former student who had helped with the français for Scissortown. (And not just the written part. I called her and practiced reading “C’est un arbre” and “J’ai un chaton” before making the video. Yes, yes, I’ll remember not to whisper next time I make a video.)

A long-time businesswoman, and a lady whose granddaughter was intrigued with Katie Kat on the cover, as well as others helped to make it a good day . . .

Including the young woman selling spices whose face clouded over, as have so many other faces, when I’ve said, “a book for four- to seven-year-olds.”

“For 47-year-olds,” the owners of the dazed faces have mused. “So it’s for adults.”

Okay. Lesson learned. I will now say, “A book for children from four to seven years old.”

Shameless plug #3—We hope to be back at the Christmas market with books to sell.

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2 thoughts on “Really? A Book for 47-year-olds?

  1. Awesome!

  2. Thank you!

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