The people of Scissortown were neat and tidy. In fact, they were the neatest and tidiest people to be found anywhere.

“What are we doing today?” asked the barber.

“Take three centimetres off, please,” answered Tommy.

The children of Scissortown cut out neat pictures of trees, birds and animals and pasted them into their notebooks.

Then they wrote sentences under the pictures with their nice sharp pencils. “C’est un arbre,” wrote Tommy under the tree, because he was learning French.

“J’ai un chaton,” wrote Tina under the kitten, because she was learning French too.

“What do you think?” asked the dressmaker. “Is Tina going to like this?”

“Mew!” answered Katie Kat politely. She was MUCH too busy playing to look up.

“This one’s for Tina,” said Tommy’s mom as she snipped the first bow on a dragonfly kite.

“Hold still!” laughed the gardener as he trimmed the baby giraffe’s ears.

Everyone in Scissortown was happy cutting and chopping until one day  . . .


 ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***   ***

Welcome to Scissortown, my first book for children, and my blog.

The dream of writing for children started in earnest sometime last year. I’ve had magazine articles published and edited a couple of non-fiction books, but there was something about my grandchildren’s request for stories that got me thinking.

Tina’s mom used to work nights, and although Tina enjoyed the bedtime stories I read to her, what she really wanted were “fake stories” that we made up together.

And not just at night—there was the morning her school bus came and went while she and I sat in the warm car, weaving a story about a bug hotel!

Even as a very little boy Tommy could listen for an hour while I read to him—but now he calls me and wants a made-up story on the spot.

And so my grandchildren have stretched my imagination . . . and I hope to share the results with many more children.

I hope to learn from other writers and aspiring writers about both crafting stories and marketing them. And I trust that I’ll have something useful to share with you as well.

Tomorrow, for example, I’m off to the Farmers’ Market to promote Scissortown. The invitation to the Market came as a result of a neighbourhood garden party in the rain . . . but that’s for another post.

Please come along—join me in the journey!

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